“Au Présent du Subjectif » is the website of Anne-Laure Jacquart, an author of the Eyrolles Publishing.
Her first book "Composez, Réglez, Déclenchez, la photographie pas à pas" ("Compose, Adjust, Snap away, the photography step by step") is the book of photographic practice the most sold in France since its publication in January 2011.
Followed "Live, trigger, share" reissued as "Photographing daily with Anne-Laure Jacquart" then two mémophotos "The camera settings" and "composition step by step."
At the beginning of June is appeared her new book: « Retouchez vos photos pas à pas » (retouch your photos bit by bit)
If you have the curiosity to go towards this other page you can realize that her talent does not limit itself to the photography!

"Toutlemondeilestbeau" (Evreybodyisbeautiful) is the blog of Sylvaine Jacquart. Eager to discover the world, she testifies to her meetings with a real look of photographer.
But her sphere of action are most often the laboratories and you can follow her in her scientific adventures by visiting her other blog: sciencetrotter.
And if you wish to know more about it on her passion for the infinitesimal, you can go there!

Discover or rediscover the exhibition "Voyage to the heart of the Archives" thanks to the video produced by Anne-Laure.