The series "Sublimated Waste" was introduced by Alain Randour, President of the SYMIDEME (Mixed Syndicate for the treatment of Domestic waste of the Country of Pévèle in the Country of Weppes).
An exhibition of 30 photos (editions 60X90 or 80X80 under acrylic glass)
was produced by the SYMIDEME. It was exposed in Lille Grand-Palais, Phalempin, Annoeullin, Orchies, Pont-à-Marcq…

A heart mixed in electric cords, earth compressed between plastic bags, birds spining over abstract mountains, a spider in the heart of a set which reminds Shuiten, bottles in the assault of a hypothetical summit, an ochre and blue field, this journey of one year of André Jacquart in the center of the waste which our everyday life rejects in quantities, before finding a second life by the reprocessing, acquire a new dimension thanks to the look of the photographer, beauty tragic or tinged with humor, surrealist spaces, abstractions of colors and materials a singular journey which each can begin according to his sensibility and its imagination.
The photographic approach of André Jacquart, glorifying colors, materials, geometrical or landscaped reconstructions, throws us in a "other place" which is to understand as a set of relations between objects, natural spaces, human works, where the object can reconstruct, renew in a divergent way, "replay" in interaction.
What replays there? Curiously each of these objects, fruit of an industrial design, a design produced, invested with a appropriate visual identity, defined within a frame of specific, piled, multiplied, forced, mixed in other entities stemming from the natural world, is "replayed" in a new shape of industrial representation of the object, that of the reprocessing or the abandonment producing deliberately or in spite of her a " other place " with which every André Jacquart's work in product an essential vision and suggests us investing the appropriate space with it to make "ours place", projection of our imagination and our own vision of the object.
A work which will have all its place in the contemporary art and that we look forward to statement during exhibitions such as Lille Art Fair or LAM, in different postures, can organize it.
Éric Dubois-Geoffroy ( )