Colors of The Halles (Paris, 2014)

The district « The Halles » in Paris is going to be completely transformed. The intense activity of this building site is protected with colored fences. The passers-by bring to life these places with their movements and, sometimes with strokes of color. It’s now the right time to take the photo !

In this gallery, the above picture has a nice story…
I was waiting in a place where I saw interesting reflections and set of colors. After a quiet moment, I felt a presence behind me. A young couple with their daughter were waiting. They didn’t want to disturb me. When I saw this little girl with red clothes, I sense it would be an ideal situation if she moved in this way. Angela lent herself to this game. She lights up the photo with her presence. Thanks Angela !

This photo has been taken by the judging panel in the photo competition « My life in The Halles ». From October 23rd to November 20th it was exhibited on the fences of the construction site of The Halles (Joachim du Bellay Place / Berger Street)