This series was designed from the photographic work carried out for SYMIDEME, at the initiative of its President, Alain Randour. While it overlaps with the “Sublimated Waste” series, it nevertheless offers a different vision by focusing on “matter” ...

During the judging of the Grand Prix d'Autor and Grand Prix de la Création organized by the Photographic Federation of France, on Saturday February 7 in Paris, this series was awarded the "Special Jury Prize for all categories"
The jury was made up of Sylvie Hugues, former Editor-in-Chief of “Réponses Photo” magazine, Gérald Videmment, Editor-in-Chief of “Compétence Photo”, Thomas Goupille, Director of CINQ26 and Jean-François Hery, Professional photographer and photo animator.
Some comments from the jury:
" A real favorite. The editing is of high quality and the result is astounding. Framing, colors, the series works, well done! "
"Real work of Author and Creation at the same time. Starting from reality to express a different and surrealistic vision of it just on the subject of recycling is a very good starting idea. The production is very well made, thoughtful, without redundancy, rigorous and consistent. "

Here is the text written by Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret on the occasion of the publication of this work in the "Special Christmas" issue of the OPENYE magazine, today's look at photography:

"Inanimate objects do you still have our soul?" "
Exploring the "remains" that fill the trash cans of our world, André Jacquart scripts the demonic ghosts that haunt them. By accumulation, here are the magical mountains of derisory treasures of our inconsistency.
The photographer becomes the witness hero of our demolition company. He not without elegance shows our unreason and leads us back so that we understand the insane of our productions and consumption.
It is in these lowlands the appearance of the obstinate and assiduous culture of the Void by the overflow. With shreds of bas-reliefs emerge the immensity of waste, the firm and the fluctuating, the furtive and the obvious. Through the acid colors and the architecture of chaos, the “deposits” become depositions and take us in their whirlwind.
The world is lost in drift underlined by a sophisticated optical poetry offered by a perfect technique.
Everything is in suspense, in vertigo. It is no longer a question of removing something from what is already on the order of disappearance but, in an imaginary elevation, of giving back the possibility of opening the world to much more than an open dump. .
Through the vision of “all that remains” (Beckett) André Jacquart allows us to reflect on the implacable mismanagement in the fear of air within “suspense” and vertigo through a mesh and an optical hullabaloo.